Everybody is different – and every BODY is different.

At Boston Pilates we understand and embrace that.

That’s why we offer different class options so that you can find the one that is right for you. 

Private Session


This is a great option for everyone! Your Instructor will tailor your workout to the specific needs of your body. This is the option for anyone with an injury or special need. It’s best if you simply want to make your workout all about you. It’s also the best option for complete novices or for anyone who truly desires to be fully immersed in the Pilates method. Click on the picture above to book now. 

Duet Session

$60 dollars a person

Duets are like a private but for two clients instead of one. This is a great option for couples, friends, or clients who would like the intimacy that comes from working in very small groups. Please call or email the studio to book these sessions. 


$50 dollars a person

Trios are great balance between having the energy and camaraderie of a class but the detailed attention of a private session. Like a private, our trios utilize every piece of apparatus. Please call or email the studio to book these sessions. 

Total Workout System

$40 dollars a person

Our TWS classes are our most popular offering. This is a group apparatus class. These classes are limited to 4 to 5 participants. Our TWS classes are an affordable way to take advantage of all the apparatus has to offer. Our TWS classes incorporate a bit of Mat, Tower and Reformer. Occasionally, for more advanced groups, Wunda Chair may be offered at the discretion of the instructor. These classes are ongoing and run at the same time every week. Because these classes are taught on the apparatus and require a general understanding of apparatus safety, participants are required to attend every week. If you are unable to attend class on a given week you will still be charged for your slot but a make up may be offered. For your own safety, we ask that all participants be strong, healthy, and injury free. Please call or email the studio for a list of openings. 

Mat Classes


Drop-in Our Mat classes are limited to 8 people. Mat classes incorporate the use of your own body weight and gravity as resistance. We offer individualized attention, taught by an instructor fully certified on every piece of apparatus. That depth of knowledge fully informs their mat class. Come to Boston Pilates and experience the way mat class should be.

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