Our Team
Rebecca Lloyd Garrison
is the owner of Boston Pilates. She studied with Bob Liekens and Susan Moran-Perich and completed her certification in 2006 through Power Pilates. She graduated from the Boston Conservatory in 2005 with a BFA in Ballet and Modern. She turned to Pilates in college after a herniated disc. She continues to be amazed with Pilates ability to heal and reshape her body- especially after two children.
Jessica Bellarose
is a Peak Pilates Certified Instructor, and studied with Pam Garcia. She fell in love with Pilates for its flowing movement and its unique capacity to transform the body while building strength and flexibility. She received a BS in Human Development from Cornell University, and a JD from Northeastern University School of Law. Jessica believes in the healing power of movement for a better quality of life, and loves sharing the beautiful, empowering work that is Pilates with her clients.
Laura Limoges-Erwin
Peak Pilates Certified Instructor, began practicing Pilates while working as a marketing consultant. After becoming pregnant with her son she was so impressed with the benefits of Pilates both pre and post pregnancy that she became certified as an instructor. Laura received her Bachelors of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University and has worked in various marketing and communications roles throughout her career.
Katy Potts
is a Comprehensively certified Peak Pilates Instructor. Her ten years of classes at the Joy of Movement and over 30 years in fitness including Yoga and Personal Training has brought her to love Pilates. As an ACE certified Medical Exercise Specialist, she feels Pilates is one of the most intelligent, effective, and enjoyable types of exercise. Her BS in Biology and 20 years of laboratory medicine experience gives her additional mind/body expertise.
Katie Miller
Katie Miller is a USPA Authentic Pilates certified teacher. She began practicing Pilates to compliment running. When facing a health issue in 2012 she found Pilates to be the most effective method to keep her body and mind strong. Katie holds a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from Ithaca College. She has spent most of her career in neurorehabilitation with main focus in Spinal Cord Injury rehab. Her passion is to teach others to move with purpose and intention in their day to day lives.
Samantha Russell
Sam is a 3rd Generation Classical Instructor whose teachers, Rebecca Quin and Marianne Adams, studied under Romana Kryzanowska. She loves helping each client to discover the nuances of their own body. Her goal is to help each client learn their body's unique patterns, strive to find more balance within those patterns, and get to a place of comfort in their everyday movement. She finds hands-on guidance to be incredibly informative and enjoys tailoring each session to meet her client’s needs.
Jen Bender
has been practicing Pilates since 1997. She is comprehensively certified through the United States Pilates Association. Jennifer works with athletes, particularly rowers, helping them to reach their full potential on the water and in competition. Jennifer hold's a Master's degree in Administration and a Ph.D. in Geography and Environmental Science from Boston University. She is actively involved when it comes to issues relating to the marine environment and our coastal zones.
Lindsey Peterson
Lindsey Peterson started practicing Pilates in 2013, and was instantly hooked. She was impressed by the effective method of building both strength and flexibility, especially post-partum. In 2018, she began the Peak Pilates certification with Pam Garcia and looks forward to sharing this empowering work with others. Lindsey holds a BA from Augsburg University in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and also works in marketing and development.
Sarita Uribe
An outdoor enthusiast and all-around active person, Sarita discovered Pilates after a tennis-related back injury a few years ago. Dedicated Pilates practice brought her back to full activity level and in the process, she fell in love with the theory and principles of Classical Pilates. Now a Certified Level 1 Peak instructor, Sarita is inspired to share Pilates with others. Sarita is a fluent Spanish speaker and is teaching classes in both English and Spanish.
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