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Love Pilates? Become an Instructor!

Boston Pilates is proud to host Power Pilates teacher training at our studio. For over 20 years, Power Pilates has been dedicated to Pilates training that honors the integrity of the original method developed by Joseph Pilates. Their rigorous training programs are taught by the top teachers in the industry. Combined with an emphasis on “The Art of Teaching,” Power Pilates provides its students with a profound learning experience and the most thorough preparation for a career in Pilates. 

Power Pilates Education Programs include the classical exercises and proprietary teaching tools that inspire our students toward their highest level of professional achievement. Through observation and practical experience, Power's programs build on technical expertise by increasing knowledge, developing confidence and leadership in their students. 

As the recognized leader in the Industry, Power Pilates trained teachers are sought after at studios and fitness facilities worldwide. By choosing to become Power Pilates Educated their graduates join a global community of passionate and dedicated professionals stretching from the US to South America, Europe and Asia. 

Get Certified

Taking Core Mat I is just the first step along your Pilates Instructor journey. During this weekend long course you will learn the basics of teaching beginner Mat exercises. It will allow you to work in many gyms and is a great supplement to your work as a Personal Trainer. However, in order to fully become a Pilates instructor, you must follow through with Core Mat II weekend and finally the Comprehensive Certification. Power Pilates Comprehensive Certification encompasses 4-5 weekends includes instruction on all the apparatus and 600 observation hours.
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